60 Minute Session $90 

Relax, reset, clear your mind, and reconnect to yourself. Ease your mind, body, and spirit. Calm your nervous system, de-stress, and just allow healing energy to flow. Unblock and open areas that energy might be stuck, calm areas that might be overworked, and allow your whole being to begin to ease into balance. This session can include the use of meditation, essential oils, crystals, and soothing sound.



90 Minute Session $150

Sometimes life can feel like a roller coaster, with big highs and low lows. Allow me to offer an open heart and compassionate ear. Fill me in on what’s going on in your life, ups and downs, how you’re feeling, and what you’re working towards. You’ll set an intention and just allow. Following the reiki session we will go over anything that came up during your session. And if you’re open, we can discuss meditations and mantras for you to incorporate in the days following your session to continue to support your wellness.


Reiki & Human Design

Reiki & Human Design $288 

Includes :

(1) 75 minute foundational chart reading*

(1) 60 minute reiki session*

(1) follow up call

Can be done in person or distance.

Through your Human Design chart reading we will get to see how energy is designed to uniquely flow through you. We will identify areas of strength, as well as explore areas that you may be living out of alignment due to conditioning and taking on the energy of others.


With reiki, we will begin to encourage the release of energy that is not serving you.  This gentle movement and release will allow your natural energy to begin to return to a state of balance and well being.

We will have a 30 minute follow up call 30 days after the chart reading and reiki session have been completed. This will give you some time to process and start integrating what you’ve learned and then we can catch up. We can talk about any questions you have, you can share insights, struggles, I can recommend resources for any other areas you’re looking to explore, etc.

*Please see full descriptions of Foundational Chart Readings and 60 Minute Reiki sessions for all that is included with each of these portions