Yoga at Home


It is my personal philosophy that meditation is the truest form of self-love and kindness.  It is the foundation that keeps us living in the present, the only place from which we can live our best lives.  A mediation practice is the constant coming back to yourself, reconnecting with the spark of something greater that lies within you.  How you treat your inner world, determines how you perceive the outer world.  And when your inner world moves with ease, so does your outer Read Moreworld.  Read More



We are energy beings, filled with a natural flowing and vital energy that keeps us alive and moving through life. If we are not aware, the everyday experiences of life, the day to day stress, can easily accumulate and interfere with our energy. We can become stuck, drained, or take on the energy of the people around us. Reiki is a gentle practice of energy healing, that allows the body to relax and release, allowing for self-healing and a return to well being. Slowing down, resting, relaxing, allows

our whole being to have a chance to just be, allowing energy to return to its natural flow.


Human Design

A beautiful blending of science and spirit. Human Design is a system merging both modern science and ancient wisdom to help with self-discovery.  It is a system that provides us the ability to gain insight into our individual, unique nature – allowing us to truly see our strengths and gifts, our vulnerabilities, and our

greatest potential. It clearly reveals the truth of who you were designed to be

without all the labels, expectations, and conditioning of the outside world. It’s like a beautiful map showing us how we are intentionally designed to move through this life in a very one of a kind way!  Read More