1:1 Meditation

1:1 Meditation Session

1.5 Hours + 2 Support Phone Calls $125

For those who wish to learn more about the art of meditation and develop a personal practice. In this session, you will learn the basics of mediation. Along with learning the foundational information about meditation, we will work to overcome any excuses or blocks you have to meditating, and together we will create your own ritual to bring meaning to your practice, and make it something you look forward to. At the end of this session I will guide you through a meditation, and afterwards there will be time for questions. It is so important to make your meditation practice a comfortable daily routine in order to experience all the benefits it has to offer. To help support you during the first 30 days following your session we will have two (2) 15 minute support phone calls during the 30 days following your session to ask any questions that might come up, or share any insights or challenges you might experience.

Studio, School, & Corporate

School, Corporate, Studio, or Group Meditation

Want to bring mediation into your school, workplace, fitness studio, or group of friends? Use our contact form to reach out! Meditation is for everyone and can greatly improve health and wellbeing, which leads to better home, work and school environments. It’s for children and adults a like, teaching them that they always have a choice of how to respond, and that we don’t need to let things that happen outside of us control how we feel inside. Meditation teaches us how to respondmindfully, rather than react, allowing us to navigate life with less stress and more calm. I’ve studied in various philosophies that allow me to speak to your particular audience. I can teach meditation with a practical, science-based approach, delve into the spiritual and philosophical nature of it, or anywhere in between. I truly believe meditation is a critical foundation for wellness and love to share it with whoever is interested in learning!