note to self

A letter from your soul to yourself.


A heartfelt note filled with the truth of your unique gifts, strengths, and way of being in this world.

A reminder of who you were born to be.

A note you can return to when you find yourself feeling a little off track.


Giving yourself permission to let go of what's not you, to connect with your true self.

I'll use your one of a kind Human Design chart

to lovingly craft your Note to Self.


You will receive a thoughtfully designed PDF,

you can download and print.




45 Minute Recording |  $60

If you are curious about Human Design, and just want to dip your toes in, this is for you!


In this session, I'll give you a little lesson on Human Design to help you get acquainted, and you'll receive a mini-reading on your own chart.


We will touch on:

  • Type - Your presence in the world, your essence!

  • Strategy - How you best move through life with grace and ease

  • Authority - How you are designed to best make decisions

  • Centers – A surface look at your defined/undefined centers

  • Questions for self-reflection 


You will receive a 45 minute audio and video recording of your chart.




120 Minutes  |  $175

This is the reading for you if you are:

  • Want to see, accept and love your truest self

  • Curious to know what it would look like for you to live wholeheartedly as your most authentic self

  • Ready to make some changes in your life, but not sure where to start

  • Tired of feeling like you're living a life that just isn't yours, and you know there's got to be a better way

In this reading, we will have a conversation about the beautiful picture your chart paints about who you were designed to be! I'll ask and invite questions throughout, to help intuitively guide the reading, but we will use the following to guide our time together:


  • TYPE – Your presence in the world, your essence, your aura

  • STRATEGY – How you best move through life with grace and ease

  • AUTHORITY – How you are designed to best make decisions

  • DEFINITION - Where you might be susceptible to conditioning, and how you can be aware and use this to your advantage

  • CENTERS – Your unique strengths, and consistent ways of being. Where you more open to outside influences, how to identify it, and how can you use this to your advantage to learn and gain wisdom.

  • PROFILE – The true role you’re meant to live out, themes you will encounter in life

  • Questions for self-reflection


Readings will take place through ZOOM. It will be recorded and emailed to you for you to review to when you’d like!


(Meditation is at the core of the work I do, and so if you are open to it, I always include a little bit about how you can use meditation, on your own, to help support you in living an authentic life.)




Human Design is about bringing awareness to your unique design, and then beginning to love it, and play with it in your life - observing and reflecting along the way.


My intention in sharing your chart with you, is to help you truly see how beautiful your life can be when you start living authentically. It's okay to change and let go of what's not you. It feels so natural stepping into your true design. Moving through your time here with greater ease, finding joy and love along the way. 

Because of this, before I take you deep into your chart, I like you to have a Foundation Chart Reading with me first. Spending little time reflecting on our conversation, and playing around with incorporating your strategy and authority into life. I like you to have time to let go of old story lines, and conditioned ways of being. I like to you explore living your true nature.



90-120 Minutes  |  $175

In this reading, we will reconnect and you can fill me on how things have gone since our last meeting! What has been easy to accept, and what's been more of a struggle. What have you noticed?


We will discuss all the things covered in a foundational reading at a deeper level, and cover some more detailed aspects:


  • GATES + CHANNELS – the way energy flows through your centers, how you interact with the energy of others in more specific ways



  • OPTIONAL: Provide me with  2 questions you'd like insight into

    • (could be about work, relationship, money, communication, fears, anxiety, etc.)


Readings will take place through ZOOM.


 It will be recorded and emailed to you for you to review to when you’d like!