Human Design is a blending of ancient wisdom and modern sciences, that offers a look at your one of a kind design. Showing how you were perfectly created to move through and interact with life.

Knowing your Human Design can provide a great sense of relief, as you’ll come to better understand all parts of yourself. It often gives a sense of having permission to finally just be you. It’s highly insightful, practical, and a beautiful way to help you come to true self-love and acceptance, restoring a sense of purpose and meaning to life. It allows us to drop the “one size fits all” approach to life we are taught from a young age, and instead encourages us to embrace, celebrate and live our distinct



When you were born, you were whole and complete, no mistakes, the most true and authentic expression of yourself. Your Human Design chart allows us to look at that moment, see you in your most pure form before all of the conditioning and expectations of the world. Knowing your individual design gives you the awareness and opportunity to explore living in a way that is aligned with your most authentic expression.


Simply put, it’s like seeing all the unique qualities you were given and meant to express in this world through your lifetime, giving you permission to expand into your greatness, and live as your true self because the world needs all you have to give.



For thousands of years, meditation has been practiced, and shown over and over again to be successful in helping the body and mind to heal.

We live in a world that encourages us to engage in a lifestyle that keeps us in a chronic state of stress and activity. If we allow the stress and pressure to build, it can wreak havoc on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Meditation is a gentle practice that allows us to untie ourselves from the world outside, and turn inwards to reconnect with our true nature. It is a chance to push pause, and allow ourselves to just be in the moment.


Meditation is a practical solution to help us calm our over worked nervous system, and counteract conditions like insomnia, high blood pressure, pain, inflammation, headaches, digestive issues, emotional regulation, and anxiety, just to name a few.


The science and spirituality of meditation go hand in hand, it is truly a holistic practice that heals mind, body, and spirit.


We are energy beings, filled with a natural flowing and vital energy that keeps us alive and moving through life.


If we are not aware, the everyday experiences of life, the day to day stress and activity, can easily accumulate and interfere with our energy. We can become stuck, drained, or take on the energy of the people and places around us.


Reiki is a gentle practice of energy healing, that allows the body to relax and release, allowing for self-healing and a return to well being. Letting go of that which doesn't belong to us. 


Slowing down, resting, relaxing, allows our whole being to have a chance to just be. Allowing energy to come into balance and return to its natural flow.