At 32, I was a wife, mom of 3, successful business owner, and really, really confused. From the outside I appeared to have everything, but inside my heart was aching. I was wildly unhappy but trying to ignore it, hoping it would get better. I fell into a pattern of just going through the motions each day, miserable, overwhelmed with everything I had taken on, the image I was trying to maintain, and pulling my husband and kids down with me. I had let go of so many of the things that brought me joy because I “didn’t have time”, my focus was keeping up with the life I had created. But when the unexpected responsibility of caring for a sick parent was added to my plate I finally collapsed under the stress. I became emotionally, mentally, and physically sick. Life pretty much came to a full stop, and it was then I saw how messed up my priorities had become.

I got help from an amazing integrative nutritionist to help heal my body. And once feeling better physically, I found meditation as a way to heal mentally and emotionally. I committed to a consistent daily practice, and that’s when my life changed. It was in the stillness of meditation, that I was able to quiet the outside world, and reconnect with myself. I found other modalities like reiki and human design to help me develop self-love and acceptance. Read More